Monday, December 28, 2015

RadioBoise DJ Top Tens of 2015

Programmers at KRBX have added their year-end lists to the ever-growing mix. Check them out over at

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thailand Posts 1 and 2

I've put together a few posts on the trip to Thailand over at the travel blog, if you want more details, more pics, more vicarious vacationing.

Sunday, December 06, 2015


Deep in the jetlag haze of our return from Bangkok, we are constantly recounting moments and stories from the trip--all of us.

Maybe Theo the most.

We had a wonderful wonderful time. Cathy planned the perfect vacation, rolling 3 small vacations into one--a week in the city of Chiang Mai, a week in the mountainous jungle of __ at Spicy Villa, and a week on the sleepy island of Koh Mak.

The revelation of the trip was Theodore and what a great little traveler he is. The kid's got a future in it. He proved himself a trooper and willing mostly to roll with it. I am migthtily impressed by him.

The experiences were so many and so rich. Every sight and sound and smell and taste a wonder and an occasion for deep analysis with Theo. He was indelibly curious and engaged.

Our lovely friends at the beautiful Tamarind Village.MAN we loved this place. The food was wonderful and fresh, the pool was a godsend in the higher-than-average Chiang Mai heat, and the staff treated Theo like royalty.

They had an opening for an art exhibit while we were there, too. Tapestries by Kachama were the subject of this show, and they were absolutely amazing. The hotel itself was resplendent in handmade art and decorations, and the artist hereself was on hand and even answered a number of my pesky questions about how a loom works and what sort of planning goes into creating one of her works.

The elephants!

Partaking in Loi Krathong celebrations with schoolkids and Spicy Villa guides and guests.

Visiting schools and homes and eating with friendly people.

The beach, the scooters, the pick-up trucks and tuktuks and elephants and speedboats and airplanes.

The glorious food.

An amazing trip.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Writing While Traveling

I've spent the last few weeks writing in a notebook. With a pen. It's been pretty great.

No diagrams and very few pictures, even. Just stringing words together to try and recount the events of the days and add a little color or texture or depth of perception. It made me remember deeply not only why I enjoy writing, but why writing about traveling is such a meaningful exercise.

I'll be posting back to the travel blog again, and I'll be doing some cleanup to put entries on past trips there to make that more of an ongoing and more frequently updated record. Because it's enjoyable. And because I do write about most trips I take, from a weekend to a week to something like this 3 weeks in Thailand. I just scatter them across notebooks and blogs and other places.

Before this trip to Thailand, I read back through my journal from our honeymoon in SE Asia in 2001. It was really great to read through those perceptions before this trip, and that absolutely fed the activity of writing about this trip.

Trip posts coming shortly (the pics are still uploading). Nice to be home.