Thursday, February 28, 2008

Viva Obama!

Check out this video from Amigos de Obama, posted to Andrew Sullivan's blog. Great stuff.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Leipheimer Wins 2nd Straight Tour of California

Smart riding, a strong second on the big climbing stage, and a smashing win in the ITT add up to Levi Leipheimer's second straight title at his hometown event, the Tour of California.

Crap weather and strong teams made for an exciting race, and the American teams didn't fair too poorly.

On the final stage, George Hincapie of High Road took the win after a long slog in the rain, and Levi finished safely with the bunch to secure his overall win.

Check VeloNews for the full report.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Levi Storms the TT

Holy crap. Levi Leipheimer takes the Solvang Time Trial in the Tour of California by nearly 30 seconds over 2nd place David Millar. He killed it!

So Leipheimer retains the lead in convincing fashion. He's set up nicely heading into the weekend's race finish.

Happy Friday

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Levi Leads California

Lots of climbing and a 2 man breakaway boosted Levi Leipheimer, now of Astana, into the yellow jersy at the Tour of California.

Levi's team blew the race apart, mostly via the legs of Chechu Rubiera, on the climb up Mt. Hamilton. Levi gave the orders, moderating the tempo, and had utter control of the entire fast-dwindling group on this climb.

George Hincapie, now of High Road, was dropped on the climb, but managed to latch back on and launch an attack on the descent that had him at a 35 second lead at one point. But the lead was not to last. Astana, with Leipheimer, Rubiera, and Chris Horner in the group, was just too strong.

Levi and the young Robert Gesink of Rabobank pulled away and never looked back. Gesink took the stage win and Levi took the yellow.

Check VeloNews for a full report.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gods of the Earth

Holy shiznit, they're back.

Come early April, The Sword will drop two tons of metal on our asses in the form of their long-awaited follow up to Age of Winters.

I'm previewing Gods of the Earth right now, and all I can say is, Damn.

They'll be here in Boise, at the wonderful Neurolux, on April 24. Make your travel reservations now.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

WTF Sasquatch?

What's this cryptic business?

Sasquatch, packing up, heading to Seattle? I've heard rumors of an indoor Sasquatch, but thought it couldn't be.

Anyone got anything on this?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Sweep

Obama takes Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC in a night of primaries that has to have the Clintons very worried.

Andrew Sullivan is reading the writing on the wall with some help.

Everyone seems to make something of this except for Clinton herself, who won't even acknowledge that the primaries occurred. We've seen this ostrich-like avoidance of bad news elsewhere, haven't we?

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Powder Up There

These pics don't do it justice, but the snow here in Idaho has been amazing for the past couple weeks. I've been getting up at least weekly, sometimes more, and there's loads of new snow every time. That's Derek snowboarding up above.

Off-piste skiing has been fantastic, especially on weekdays when the crowds are down. These shots were taken on a Sunday, a day I usually try to avoid up there, but a day that had such great snow it was worth waiting in line for. That's me on the skis, and Derek and Carla taking a break on the boards.

Thanks for the photos, DV, not pictured.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Elvis Obama

We were up at 5:45 this morning, throwing clothes on and heading for the car to get down to BSU and stand in line, outside in the cold, for a long couple hours in order to get in to see Barack Obama speak. It was worth every minute of it.

He was introduced by Cecil Andrus, former governor of Idaho who has endorsed Obama's candidacy. When Obama came out on stage, the Taco Bell Arena--packed to the rafters with about 14,000 Northwesterners of all political stripes, with some hundreds more left outside to listen on speakers mounted for the overflow--exploded with energy.

I couldn't believe there were this many people in this city or state who would come out to hear him. But they did, and they were energized and vocal.

He gave what I assume is a variation on the usual speech, hitting many of the points you hear in all his speeches, but adding some detail and some personalized touches for this audience.

One thing is for sure: The man can speak. Even without getting too fired up, getting too inspirational or delving into too much of his now famous soaring rhetoric, there's a feeling that hits you when you see him and hear him. It's an energy I've not felt before--certainly not for a political figure.

One of the highlights of the speech for me was when he talked a bit more deeply about hope. Hope, he says, is not simply blind optimism, or wanting something and sitting back and waiting for it to happen. Hope is a motivating force to envision the future you want and then to work your hardest to make it happen, believing that it can happen. On a national scale, it's been a long while since we've felt this kind of hope. I think if Obama gets the nomination, that force can go a long way.

I also appreciate his call to service, to a more active citizenship. He places a lot of faith in people working for what they want, working to make this country a better place. And for people to get involved and work for it, they need to be inspired. That's the place for inspiration in this campaign. And he's the one who can do it.

I made my mind up a long time ago who I'd support. Shortly after he declared his candidacy I knew in my gut he's the one I'd be working for. He's young, post-boomer, which appeals to me greatly; he's a hometown politician, being a senator from Illinois; I'd read his first book and come away mightily impressed with the things he's done and the person he's realized himself to be. But I think by the end of this speech he'd won over a few more to his side. I can only hope.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Obama Comes to Boise

Barack Obama is scheduled to appear at the Taco Bell arena on the BSU campus tomorrow morning. Amazing.

His campaign set up an office here quite some time ago, which was surprising enough in itself--I believe he's the only candidate who has one. And tomorrow, I assume en route to California or somewhere that actually matters, he's stopping here for an early morning speech.

The town is abuzz, to say the least. Some speculate the expected turnout at 5,000, but the arena holds 12,000, I think, and many expect a capacity crowd. After, all, he just pulled in 18,000 in Denver, so why not 12,000 here?

This is a unique opportunity we have. So we'll be getting up at 6am and heading down to campus to get in line. I imagine I'll have plenty more to say after it's over.