Thursday, April 06, 2006

Via Chicago

I'm in Boise airport waiting to catch a plane to Denver, where I'll get on another plane to go to Chicago. Greg Lilley is getting married up in Wilmette this weekend, and I'm headed back for a long weekend. I'm really looking forward to this, as I expect to see a lot of people I haven't seen in years and years.

On the drive here this morning Cathy asked when the last time I'd been back in Chicago, and I was shocked to realize it was for Tony Kernagis' wedding, probably about 5 years ago now. Or maybe 6. Either way, it's been a while, and it's about time to get back there again.

Mostly I blame my parents. I mean, if they hadn't left there and moved to Alabama, I'd still go to Chicago to visit them and therefore everyone else--high school friends, college friends, family and family friends, everyone. Since they're not there any more, I just don't make it back often enough.

Anyway, here I go. Barry'll be picking me up, and I'll be staying with him most of not all of the time. Saturday night after the wedding I'll be staying in the hotel near the reception, and tomorrow night I may end up crashing at Macri's, as Shields and Mack are coming out to Oak Park for the evening. This oughtta be a highlight of the weekend, as I haven't seen or hung with these f'ers since my wedding. Friends from like 3rd grade and kindergarten, respectively. Craziness.

The food list is short but hefty: Italian beef sandwich, pizza, gyros, pizza, and pizza. I brought running clothes and shoes so I don't totally undo everything I've been able to do over the winter.

So, this time I'm bringing the laptp with me. We'll see if I regret it or not. I doubt it.

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David said...

at least you'll get the exercise of carrying the running shoes.