Friday, February 16, 2007

Kris Doty CD Release

Tonight, local indie singer-songwriter Kris Doty has a CD release party at the Neurolux. Her new record is called Smoke in the Mirror, and while I've only heard a few tracks, I'd guess it's pretty damned good.

Doty's got a unique and peculiar style, building slow and delicate melodies into powerful delicate melodies, her guitar a gentle hint of structure and her voice wafting between a fluid croon and a warbly screechy demand. She's captivating to watch, and her performance gets better every time I see her.

If you're here in Boise, check this show out. No doubt she'll be out in full force with cello, drums, and guitar accompaniment. We don't have a ton of great music or musicians here, but the ones we do have are pretty fantastic.

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