Thursday, September 06, 2007

Park City

About 5.5 hours to the southeast of Boise lies a nice little mountain town called Park City. Maybe you've heard of it? Sundance? Skiing? Hmm?

Well, the draw here is the singletrack, in the summer anyway. And there's miles and miles and miles of it, all a ride straight up and out of town away.

For this my first trip, I stuck to the Mid-Mountain Trail, a sprawling line of singletrack cutting across the face of the ski hill. It's huge, ginormous, fast and fun.

I drove out on Saturday afternoon and hit town late Saturday night, just in time to carb up (read: drink beer) before bed in prep for the next day's ride.

Sunday's ride was so fun, so big, that we did it again on Monday.

Good times riding with Eric and his ATX crew, decked out in the AustinBikes kits, shredding the shit fast as I could in the vain hope of keeping up with Eric and Sol. They are not mortal.

Park City: I'll be back.

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