Friday, December 18, 2009

Diluted Reform Is Better Than Nothing?

There's good sense in what Krugman's saying in today's NY Times. I'm as hacked off as anyone at the impotence of the Democratic majority in Congress, and particularly at the Liebermans of the world who are all about themselves the insurance companies they protect.

But the bill as it stands wouldn't be totally useless.

At its core, the bill would do two things. First, it would prohibit discrimination by insurance companies on the basis of medical condition or history: Americans could no longer be denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, or have their insurance canceled when they get sick. Second, the bill would provide substantial financial aid to those who don’t get insurance through their employers, as well as tax breaks for small employers that do provide insurance.

It'd feel wrong to give in and pass the crap bill that's made it to this point. But, I think Krugman's right, that we won't have a chance to get something even this good for who knows how many years, and that's unacceptable, having come this far.

So, let's hold our noses and pass the best bill we can and then work to improve it.

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