Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Road Bikes

It's a cold, wet, wild time in the Giro d'Italia this year. Vino and Basso are back, and Evans is going great. But today's stage turned everything upside down. Here in Boise I'm watching every single stage on Universal Sports--channel 39-2 with the rabbit ears, baby. It's great.

This morning's stage was insane. A huge break got away and kept going, all but dooming the leaders and giving second chances to those that have been dismissed. Sastre could even be back in contention.

The weather's added drama makes the race seem all that much more epic.

But it's much nicer here in Boise.

I got on my road bike today, for the first time in many weeks. The trails have been calling too loudly to ride on the road.

But I'm glad I did--we had MUCH better weather than they had in Italy today. The foothills are green, the river's way up, and I had a gorgous spin out to Lucky Peak and back. Hi, spring.

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