Monday, July 19, 2010

Theodore Ray Hess

Meet our new son Theo. He arrived last Monday, 7/12/10, safe and sound.

Everything went well, and we all walked home from St. Luke's together on Wednesday afternoon.

Now we're at home getting to know each other. It's pretty great.

He's had his first bath, which we're pretty sure he didn't love so much.

We hang out and watch the Tour, usually between 2 and 6 am.

We eat and sleep a lot. We change a diaper now and then.

Theo likes his mom a whole lot.

Thanks for all the good will, everyone.

Lou, Lou, Lou, it's the beginning of a great adventure...


vandahlen said...

you should have told eric that you guys where watching the tour between 2 and 6am, he would have been there every morning! can't wait to see you guys soon. xoxo

Dev said...

That is so cool that walking and bikes are the two modes of transport Theo was first exposed to. This will only lead to great things. I am really psyched for you guys and I have hope for our civilization.