Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Rides

Lots of snow hit the foothills this past week. And since Bogus Basin was bound to be a circus on opening+holiday weekend, I opted for a different approach.

I try to get the mountain bike out in the snow at least once a year, and since conditions were so perfect I got it out twice.

Saturday was gray and gloomy but Sunday was sunny and clear. Gorgeous.

And I'm really excited to have the IF back in action. LOVE the straight fork on it.

2 great rides around Shane's Loop and the Reserve trails made for a nice hello to wintertime.


Kim Gross said...

Chris it looks beautiful in Boise. Although Chicago is equally as beautiful at any time of the year. Love reading your blogs although I must admit I am a bit intimidated by your intelligence. Hope all is well. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Christopher Hess said...

I'm guessing someone's hacked my old pal Kim's e-mail, as she was never intimidated by anything! Let alone my puny brain. But to the real Kim: Happy Holidays to you and all of yours as well!