Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tim Whitecotten

My friend Tim Whitecotten died last night. He was a great human being, a great friend, a force for good in a world that needs more like him.

Few were better to share a pint and an animated conversation with than Tim. He was inspiring in his curiosity and in his conduct, in his intellect and his enthusiasm. Even though he moved to Portland some years ago, and I only got to see him every year or so, I'll miss him very much.

This is a very sad day. Rest in peace, Tim.


Stuart Crane said...

My sentiment concurs with you. Tim and I are cousins. We enjoyed the revelry of dining at the "youngster" table at family gatherings, traipsing through the high desert to watch him compete in swim meets during his fledgling time in Los Alamos, and as of late, lifting a kreusened bevie in Milwaukee last year. He and Amanda, his remarkable and beloved nuptial partner, and I attended a Cubs- Brewers contest. We spoke of matters of this world and smacked on cheese curds. Simple yet part of the lore of Tim Whitecotten. He enjoyed the adventure of life and left a legacy of humor, decency, artisanship, and above all , love. I miss him tremendously.

Stuart Crane, Roseville Minnesota

Christopher Hess said...

Stuart, Tim told me at length about the great time he had at that baseball game. That is a great memory to have.