Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Training Update: Done for now

Closure is a good thing.

So, my marathon training comes to a close. Prematurely, of course: The Portland Marathon is not for a couple weeks. October 4th.

But at mile 3.56 my training ended.

The issues with my left leg involving my IT band and most likely my hamstring and possibly even my calf and achilles will not relent, and they are not battle-able. They've got a trump card to which I have no following move.

While I'm resigned to it, I am surprised at how much it's bothering me. I see people running, or glossy pictures of Runners in their element, airborne and mid-stride, and I feel really sad. Bummed out that my body can't do that, wondering if it'll be able to again.

It will. I will. It'll happen--it's just that I'm getting old and the auto-pilot button needs to be removed. More maintenance, more care and feeding, more attention. It's important enough, so I just need to change my approach and my habits.

So. No marathon--for now. But I'm already looking for the next one.

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