Wednesday, May 25, 2005


We ran a beta of the BCRP webcast this weekend. I can't say for sure whether it went well or not, but I know that for a while we were on the air. Or on the web. Whatever. I've been having some machinery issues at home, so I was only able to upload a single set of tracks with no voiceovers or PSAs attached to it. Got some good tunes up there, but that's about as far as it went.

And now, in the wake of that, we're possibly changing direction from Live365 hosting our library to our broadcasting, essentially, live from a studio. Where that studio will be is as yet unknown, but Jeff is seriously looking into monitors and a mixing board and mikes and all that hardware, like for a real live studio.

Also, the acronym PD has been floating around a bit lately, pushed gently in my direction. Program Director. Thing is, I don't know what the job is all about. I'm interested, to be sure, but not sure if I'm capable. But then being capable is just a matter of learning the job and what it entails and putting the time in. Interesting, though. We'll see.

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