Thursday, July 28, 2005

On the Air

...Or, rather, on the internet, I should say. As of July 1, more or less, the Boise Community Radio Project is webcasting. Check it out.

We've had our fair share of burps and glitches, and it's popped offline a few times in the last few weeks, but for the most part the bugs are being worked out and the webcast is running smoothly. The schedule is a bit odd and still very much in flux, but a pattern is emerging and new shows are coming in with increasing frequency and timeliness. So it's coming together, if a bit slowly.

My biggest surprise so far is in the relatively small number of people who are turning stuff in. I don't know, I guess it's just me, but I really thought we'd be overrun with folks who were dying to be DJs. I've always wanted to be a DJ, and at this point, when it's essentially making mix CDs to be played on the air, I have a hard time imagining why our schedule is not jampacked.

My show, Range Life (snappy title, eh?), is currently enjoying heavy rotation. I turn in 2 shows per week, and I fill 6 slots per week. Monday and Tuesday at 5pm, Wednesday and Thursday at 9am, and again on Saturday at 1pm and 10pm.

Soon we'll attach a blog with setlists.

Listen in and enjoy. And let me know what you think.

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