Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back to the Yard

The temps rise, the sun comes out, the blooms begin, and it's time for more yardwork.

It's a strange overlap this time of year. I'm still a bit ski-obsessed, but I'm riding trail on the IF and doing 4-hour road rides through the farmland of Eagle and Emmet. And as I peel away the layers of oak leaves from the pin oak in our front yard that I swear drops all year long, I find flowers already blooming and green signs of life popping up everywhere.

Cathy's still in Ashville for a work conference. She seems pretty impressed by the city, so I expect the itchy feet and restlessness to return for a while. We'll see. Spring in Boise can be pretty great.

It's a chill weekend at the homestead. Hard exercise and long naps to balance out the yard work. This springtime ain't so bad.

Done with raking. Off to the lopping!

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