Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Neon Bible

The new Arcade Fire album has hit the shelves of your local record store, and in my opinion, it's worth the trip. I've been excited for this record, so while one may think I'd be biased in favor of it, one would be wrong. I was just as excited for the new CYHSY release, but have held off on the raves. That one's good. This one's more than that.

The Arcade Fire have built themselves into more than just a band, and this album will further that mythic status. Big, powerful songs, full of hope and crushing emotional turmoil at the same time. Win's voice is strong as ever, here more buoyed by that off Regine Chassagne. They work well together.

Front to back, this is a powerful piece of work. Even the clunker lines of the overblown arrangements (there are some of each) do not detract from the whole.

I'm only 3 listens in, so I'll defer further examination until later. For now, though, this looks to be a record that will stay in the heavy rotation for some time to come.

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