Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hypocrisy with a Smile

Hoo boy. This dude's done fuggd up.

Larry Craig should be the poster boy for the modern Republican party. (But, you say, what about Tom DeLay? Or Duke Cunningham? Mark Foley?How about Abramoff? Or Cheney, for piss' sakes? Sure, lovely candidates all, but stay with me.)

Larry Craig fits because he is above all a hypocrite. He's a liar who has violated the confidence of his constituency and is now lying about lying. He, like all others on this list and beyond it, will lie his ass off, then he'll repent, finding Jesus and devoting himself to being a good Republican.

Unfortunately, Idahodians will buy it, and they'll forgive him because he's not a Democrat.

But for a while, we can watch him squirm and enjoy it. This dickhead has trampled on the rights of minority groups for decades, has caused harm unmeasurable to progressive causes and humane politics in his home state. And now it turns out he's a member of one of the groups he has so persecuted.

Good looking out, man. I can't wait to see you get yours.

And a PS: Let's not let the gay thing cloud this issue. The issue is not whether Craig is gay. Who cares. The issue, really, is not even that he's denied being gay. None of my business, I say. But he's lied about it, consistently and at length, and has followed his lies with bad policy and politics.

And the issue now is that he's engaging in disgusting predatory behavior, apparently over and over again, and not only is he lying about it, but he's attempting to use his position as a representative of the people to weasel out of the trouble he's in.

Beyond that, even, is the fact that this all happened over a month ago, and this clown thought the info would never see the light of day. He came back to Idaho and pretended like nothing ever happened.

The nerve. The nerve and the gall.

hee hee hee.

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