Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rosa Sat

This is pretty great. The song is a little awkward at times, but the sentiment is no less moving for it.

Mostly I think it's important to not lose sight of how we felt about our collective potential between November and January 21st.

Stay inspired.


Headcase said...

That's an awesome song/video to help keep the spirit. Imagine being able to play that for students leading into a discussion on civil rights. I found myself singing it as I was driving today.

Christopher Hess said...

Funny, I've found myself singing it many times. I love the idea of it all being connected.

There was a great New Yorker piece about Obama talking to John Lewis at the inauguration. On his way out, Lewis handed Obama a program or some such for an autograph, and Barack wrote "Because of you, John. Barack Obama." That sh*t just chokes me up.