Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Damn, Danilo

Maglia Rosa wearer and previous Giro champion Danilo DiLuca put in a solo attack at the end of the longest stage of the 3-week race today to cross the line alone and in front. This amazing effort at the end of such a brutal stage shows DiLuca to be the one to beat.

Of course, there are still a few who stand a chance. Levi can make up all lost time and then some over the course of 2 ITTs, and I expect him to do so. DiLuca may have looked like he was opening up a lead today, but in reality he was just limiting his time trial losses ahead of time. Smart move. Will it be enough?
Meanwhile, Lance hung tough, if losing a bit of ground in his support role. Same for Horner. Loqvist lost big, as did Cunego, Basso lost a bit less but still significant time, and Mick Rogers has kept himself near the top of the standings.

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