Friday, July 31, 2009

Now It Begins

Mikel Astarloza, the Basque climber and workhorse from the Euskaltel team who won a really exciting stage 16 in this year's Tour, has tested positive for EPO, as reported in VeloNews. This is the first hint of doping out of this year's Tour, and it makes me wonder if it will be the last.

I just can't help but ask, as I always do, how could you take EPO and then win a stage, knowing that all stage winners are tested? Does that not just seem like the height of idiocy?

And to think I cheered for this douchenozzle as he took the stage that day.

Robbie McEwen, not my favorite racer but always one to be counted on for speaking his mind, put it best in his Tweet of this morning:

"mcewenrobbie Astarloza, you're a wanker. While I'm at it, Ricco - stay gone, we don't want you back amongst us. Go ride with Kohl"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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