Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Finnish It Tonight Hawks!

Whether the Blackhawks can take home the Stanley Cup after tonight's game 6--or indeed at all--depends largely on the performance of Finnish goalie Antti Niemi, who's looked both brilliant and somewhat disoriented at times during the series, though luckily mostly the former.

We'll need him at top level tonight, and I've no doubt he'll be there, even though the game's in Philly and so far the wins have all been to the home team. Time to break that cycle.

Go Hawks!


Anonymous said...

Lets Go Hawks! Nice post kid. If the Hawks play their game they will not be beat. Score first, boys. Its about 2:30 here at work and I can barley sit still.

Monkey Pucks

Anonymous said...

Nice post kid. Its about 3:00 pm here at work and I can barely sit still. If the Hawks play their game, they will not be beat. Skate and pass. LETS GO HAWKS!!!! Its their time.

Monkey Pucks

Christopher Hess said...

Damn skippy--skate and pass. Control. And score goals too. End it in 6!