Saturday, June 12, 2010

US 1-1 England: That's a Good Thing!

Yeah, the US goal was a lucky one--that or Dempsey's got some magic spin on them rollers, or that new ball moves as crazy as everyone says it does--but the match was a good one and coach Bob Bradley should feel good about US prospects in this tournament based on how well they played the highly-touted England side.

And, thank goodness, Tim Howard, besides the early goal that he could have stopped only with the spectacular sort of save that we're hoping he's got in him--requiring him to have, actually--played brilliantly in the net.

We looked solid if a little pensive and uninspired, but that's the US style: Compact, conservative, looking for a good opportunity for an explosive counter attack.

The bottom line is that a draw against England puts us in a VERY good position to advance from group play. Great result today. USA! USA!

Photo, NY Times recap.

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