Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In a Nutshell...

This NY Times op-ed pretty much says it all.

Mr. [Ron] Johnson, on the other hand, proudly proclaimed recently that he doesn’t “think this election is about details.” That’s as good an explanation as any of why — in Wisconsin as in so many states — candidates like Mr. Johnson are ahead in the polls. Insurgent Republicans don’t need details when they can play on the furious emotions of voters who have been misled into believing that positive changes like the health care law are catastrophic failures.

The guy's ahead of Russ Feingold in the polls, and he knows nothing. Nothing. And he's proud of it. He's mad as hell and he's taking the right-wing rubes for a ride, like so many if not all of the tea party lunatics, er, candidates. It's sad and pathetic and will do great harm in the long run. Losing a workhorse like Feingold for an idiot like this. But hey, we're mad, right? We're not sure why, or at whom, or anything, but we're mad dammit because Glen Beck says we should be.

I know that parties in power always lose seats in midterms. It's good to remember that, and to avoid the typical Democrat hysterics and handwringing over the end of the Obamaworld as we know it. But still, this has to piss off anyone with a lick of sense.

Take heed, spineless handwringers! Before it's too late!

Around the country, the Obama voters who were so energized in 2008 are rueful and dispirited, taking their cue from the timid races run by so many fearful Democratic candidates. Mr. Feingold is making the case that there is a choice to make on Nov. 2 and that there is a need for thoughtful voices in Washington.

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