Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Theo's Sawtooth Weekend

Me and Theo and Uncle John headed up toward Stanley for a weekend of camping and fishing.

Theo was pretty excited.

He got really dirty and stayed that way. Dug holes, climbed rocks, ran around and had a ball.

And we went fishing. Theo caught his first rainbow trout! (I hooked it and handed him my rod, which he thought was about the coolest thing ever--until the fish jumped out of the water, all 6" of it, and he handed it back and put some safe distance between him and that fish.

It wasn't all fun and games. Theo got sick the first night, throwing up all over the inside of the tent. And it was in the low 20s F, very VERY cold. We had some gear, but we were prepared for summer camping, which made the night seem pretty long indeed.

These pics don't tell the tale, but he was not feeling well on Saturday, and got sick a few more times, so we packed it in and headed home. All in all a good trip, and bailing was the right choice for the sake of excitement at future camping opportunities. 

We'll be back.

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