Sunday, December 18, 2016

Chill chilly weekend

Look who got his first stripe in Taekwondo this week!

We ended up having a pretty mellow weekend around Boise these past couple days, and that's just fine with me. I'm just getting over a cold, Cathy's just starting one, and we all had hugely busy if extremely rewarding weeks. So, we chilled. And I got to hang out with this guy a lot. 

We went to Taekwondo. We went out for lunch. Went and saw the Christmas toy train exhibit, which never disappoints. 

We went for a gorgeous and icy family hike in the Military Reserve. 

We hung new pictures. We did laundry. We had chile verde and homecooked black beans and homemade tortillas for dinner.  We read books and played legos and read more books.

I had John over on Friday night and we tied dry flies over whisky until about 1am. All in all, a solid relaxing weekend.

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