Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Feeding the fishing fix

I've been spending lots of time out in the office tying flies. I'm actually getting a lot less horrible at it. It's meditative, relaxing, and kind of a lot of fun now that I can manage a few basics.

Actual fishing time has been slim, but I plan to rectify that. I made it out to the Boise a few days ago and landed over half a dozen easy, some nice ones, and three on a fly--a lopsided old-school non-parachute Adams--that I had tied! I've had hits and interest before, but this is the first, second, and third fish I've actually brought to hand on one of my own flies. I have to say, pretty dang gratifying. Especially since I got all 3 fish off clean without hardly touching them.

Getting cold up here in Idaho, and you can't stay in the river for long, but man was it nice to get out there and put hands on some trout. It's otherworldly beautiful when the river is surrounded by snow, too.

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