Monday, May 21, 2007

Big Week in Boise

Show season picks up steam this week here in Whitaho. Hot on the heels of good shows by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (which I caught) and Fishbone (so I've heard), we've got a nice mess of rock coming our way once again.

On Wednesday, Black Angels hit the Neurolux for the second time in recent memory. Last time here they did an impromptu Neurolux set after missing their in-store due to inclement weather coming across the Cascades. They didn't disappoint, though, as they threw a hell of a set at the crowd.

On Thursday, holy crap, The Hold Steady come to town. Both these bands are on their way to Sasquatch, and we're the lucky ones. Call me crazy, but I'd rather see the best bar band in the world in a bar than in the outdoor ocean of humanity that is Sasquatch. This promises to be one of those nights people talk about for a long time after. Forever, even. "Dude, I was here when the Hold Steady played the friggin Neurolux."

Between these shows and the return of some dandy spring weather, it's a good time to be an Idahodian.

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