Friday, May 25, 2007

Confession Avalanche

Now that they've begun, who knows where this will go. Today Bjarne Riis, the Danish director of team CSC and 1996 Tour de France winner admitted to doping as a pro cyclist, and specifically during his Tour victory.

From the New York Times and VeloNews.

This is big news as it pertains to his days as a pro, and for his specifying that his Tour was won on dope. But I think it's bigger news relative to his current role as CSC Team Boss. He's built the best team in the world, with one of the strictest anti-doping policies going, and now he's come clean.

Some have floated the idea of amnesty for riders who come clean. I'm not entirely sure I buy it, but it does seem that a purge has begun.

What if we can all confess and start over? Is it possible to purge the dope from the sport and start fresh, with stringent policies across the board and sane prosecution of those policies? Can riders support each other as well as police each other? Because really, that's the only place this issue can be resolved in any lasting way, within the ranks of the riders themselves.

At least the discussion has begun.

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