Thursday, May 17, 2007

Green Is the New Red White and Blue

I've been meaning to blog this article by Thomas Friedman for some time now, and as I haven't been able to get to it at any length or depth, I'll just throw it up here for your perusal.

This piece, called The Power of Green, puts together all of Friedman's thoughts on the emergence of green energy technology and systems into a compelling and coherent whole. Dude's been on this issue for some time now, and at long last it seems people are paying attention.

There's lots going on here--read the entire thing, you won't be sorry--but the major point to be made at this point in time is that someone needs to step up and own this issue. I mean that in a political sense as well as a business and investment sense--even, really, in a national sense.

This could be the thing that gets the US back on track as far as being a world leader in progressive technology and economics. As I see it, the planet has no choice but to move in this direction, so whoever is out there in front, developing and then selling the technologies that will enable whole societies to green up their energy production and usage, is gonna be rolling in it.

So why not us? Why not now? Why not look forward for a change, pull our head out of our Exxon-Mobiles, and get with the new program?

Our nation is being run by ignorant dinosaurs, and as surely as that will (better) change, we will need these new technologies to survive the century. This is a perfect point of conversion to get our economy back on track, our environment better protected, and our image abroad healed and restored to that of world leader for good.

Read the article. It's hard to not agree. And I welcome any discussion on this. We need to be talking about this stuff.

(The images here were part of the original article. They're artist renditions of the American flag gone green. The top is from Cuartopiso, the bottom an homage to Rachel Carson by Carin Goldberg.)

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