Monday, July 09, 2007

A Bumpy Start

After squashing all comers in the prologue, held this year in London, Swiss powerhouse Fabian Cancellara went to the tarmac in stage 2 in a pile-up involving 20-some riders. He crossed the line, not losing any time due to the crash coming at the end of the stage, but he didn't look good.

And yesterday, after kissing pavement in a smaller pile-up, Aussie a-hole but remarkably strong and fast mini-man Robbie McEwen passed EVERYONE to take the win in stage 1.

There's been lots of action early on as the typical nerviness infects the opening of the Tour. The big GC guns are all sitting tight, waiting for the early show to end so that they can get down to the business of working each other over.

Levi will come around, as will Vino. I still say Valverde's the one to watch in this Tour.

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