Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The New and Terrible Vino Show

Today's headline:

Vinokourov Tests Positive; Astana Withdraws from Tour

Read it at VeloNews, folks.

This one floored me. I mean, they all hit hard, but some definitely harder than others. Was anyone really surprised that Ullrich was implicated in a doping scandal? Not so much. But Vino? I mean, this is a warrior, a soon-to-be hero, a man who had the full support and sponsorship of his native Kazakhstan behind him.

And in doping, he's shat all over that support, likely forcing the withdrawal of the new 10-year contract signed by Astana for support, and also likely totally screwing the future of many a young Kazakh rider.

Rasmussen, I wouldn't be surprised. If only this were Rasmussen. But it's Vino, and I don't know that this race can recover from this blow.

Just terrible.

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