Monday, July 23, 2007

The Contador and Vino Show

What a weekend for the Tour.

Saturday's ITT saw a shakeup of the standings, with the biggest surprise being Michael Rasmussen's not giving away tons of time to the other GC guys. Vino won it in powerful fashion.

Sunday was the first day in the Pyrenees, and it did not disappoint. The main guys were whittled away one by one, the worst of it going to Valverde, until it was down to a small group that included Contador, Rasmussen, Evans, Leipheimer, Sastre, and Colombian sensation Mauricio Soler.

Eventually, through a series of accelerations, Contador and Rasmussen were left to go it alone, and neither could pull away from the other. In the end, Contador sprinted Rasmussen for the win, but alleged cheat and all around a-hole Rasmussen (hey, I said alleged) would not be dropped.

Vino lost 28 minutes on the day.

Today, Monday, saw another epic battle in the Pyrenees. This time Vino got into a break and drove it all day to get the stage win. An amazing recovery, that, on par with Floyd's of last year. (Hmm...)

And again, Contador and Rasmussen were left to duke it out, and the skeletal Dane again held on to finish behind but with the young Spaniard.

Now it's down to tomorrow for Contador to get away. He needs to drop Rasmussen and put time into him before the mountain stages end. One last chance. For the record, I'm hoping Rasmussen blows up and loses big time. We'll see.

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