Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yellow House

Have you listened to this thing? Yeah, I know, Veckatimest and all that. But hear me out.

The release of the new one by Grizzly Bear and all the hoo-hah that surrounded it made me realize that I'd never REALLY listened to these guys. I've got Yellow House, and a few tracks and remixes and stuff, and I like it, but I never gave it the close listens that it needs to sink in.

So, since Veckatimest (I'm never sure I'm spelling that right) came out, and I've given it a few listens and been pretty damned impressed, I've gone back to Yellow House, and man, this thing is brilliant. I mean, it's a bit overwrought in places, and a mite too perfect and precious for what I usually listen to, but those criticisms fade in getting caught up by these songs.

I knew "Knife" well, but the rest of this record is just as good and better. The abrupt noise and clatter of "Little Brother", the stomp of "On a Neck, On a Spit", it's like Red Red Meat meets Sufjan Stevens or some shit. It's great is what it is.

So, soon I'll move onto Horn of Plenty, then I'll get back to Veckatimest, and I'll be all caught up. Sometimes I love coming to a band a little late. There's this whole new musical world to explore.

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