Thursday, January 21, 2010

Are We There Yet?

A reader submission to Daily Dish gets to it, in my humble opinion.

We now have a message from a certain segment of Massachusetts ... Basically, it’s the effect of voters not so much saying, “We don’t want change” but more like a child’s backseat complaint of “Are we there yet?!”.

We hated W, but we want Obama to act like him. We want our taxes cut, but we don't want to lose anything in the bargain. We want our health care system left alone, but we want it to work better and more fairly, and don't touch my Medicare. We want it all, and more, and we want it now.

The stupidity of the American political system at this point in time is staggering, and I think it can be largely blamed on the minute-t0-minute news cycle we're caught up in. And like it or not, this is identity politics at its worst (let's not pretend that "ordinary Americans" doesn't mean "middle class white folk," okay?). Also, if I'm being honest, Democrats have affirmed my reasons for never calling myself a Democrat, as those in Congress run in circles with their hands waving in the air, screaming about the sky falling, incapable of doing anything about it.

Patience, people. There are grown-ups in charge now, and if you keep screaming "Are we there yet?!" and kicking the back of this seat, you'll help the GOP to turn this car around. And that, we will not like.


Duffman! said...

Just curious: Who are these "grownups" you speak of?

Christopher Hess said...

Who's in charge? Let's not be coy.