Thursday, January 07, 2010

An Interview With Hitchens

Andrew Sullivan this morning linked to this interview with Christopher Hitchens, on Michael Totten's blog--a site I was not aware of but will now follow.

Totten and Hitchens discuss Islam, its mutations and problems, Western problems of perception (and ignorance) of Islam, and the dangers posed by political correctness. It's a fascinating interview, one that makes you wish you would have been offered a chair at the table, even if your mouth had to be taped shut to sit there.

A small taste:
"If you can give the name Mohammad to a shitting, screaming, nuisance of a kid—which somebody does 5,000 times a day—then I think you should be able to give it to the class's favorite teddy bear."

Do yourself a favor and read it. Even if some of it is a bit esoteric or difficult to grasp, it's worth the read for the way it can make you stop, step back, and look at the way you look at these things. We all need these checks now and then.

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